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April 29, 2022

New Garden

Where to Start

New garden design which looks as if it has been there for years.

Sit in your new garden area with your tea or coffee, lawn chair and your thoughts. Decide several things before you start. For instance, how big you would like to make your garden? Do you want paths through it or grassy areas? Is there a patio or deck to consider? In other words, sit in the area to figure out the size, shape, and location of your garden.

In addition, take into consideration is the type of plants you want to plant. Are they mostly shade or sun plants? Are they perennials or annuals? Do you want a perennial garden which doesn't need much watering? Perhaps, you like the bright colours of annuals and enjoy watering? In conclusion, pre planning is a must and will save you a lot of heartache later.

Shade or Sun in your New Garden

Garden with native plants

After that, check your local gardening maps to see what types of plants thrive best in your local climate.

Garden Design

Formal garden design

Are you a person who likes organic design or more a more formal design. What shape would go best on your property? Do drawings to help figure out your design. Consult online or books on garden design. In conclusion, you will find there are specific rules to follow for your garden design.

Building Garden over Grass

Here is a great trick to cover grass without digging it up and having to get rid of it. Outline exactly where you want the garden. Use spray paint in a bright colour. Next, cover your lawn with newspaper of cardboard right out to the edge. I suggest doing this on a windless day. Make sure theat you overlap the paper or cardboard so no weeds can grow through. Once that is laid down, water the paper or cardboard thoroughly. In other words, make sure to soak the area.

Laying Down the Dirt

Once the paper or card board are thoroughly soaked it is time to add the earth. I use a combination of triple mix and compost. Cover the paper with about 2 feet of earth. Do this right to the edge of the garden. This will give enough depth for the plant roots.

How to Arrange my Plants

As you might expect there are simple rules to follow when planting. There is the odd number rule. Plant either, one, three or five of the same plants in a grouping. This is very soothing to the eye.

Gardens add intrinsic value

Landscaping around a home can add value to the home. In addition, they add value when doing a home evaluation. People look at the aesthics. In other words, landscaping and gardens can add the WOW factor to a home! This means more money.

In conclusion, landscaping can be done for fun or to create an impression.



Home staging is the process of making your home look lived in. If you’re still living in it while we’re showing it, that’s not something we’ll have to do. However, if you’ve already moved into your new home, most houses will sell for more if potential buyers can envision what it may look like to live in it.
When needed, we’ll set your old house up to appear lived in. This will get you a better selling price when your house sells.


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